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How to Write and Publish your Ebook in 7 Days was written by Jim Edwards also known as “The Net Reporter”. Jim is one of the top internet marketers out there proven by his multi-million dollar online business. An accomplished speaker, Jim has helped internet marketers like you develop online businesses that thrive through national conferences and seminars.

Jim Edwards also writes a syndicated newspaper column for TheNetReporter.com and has a cable show named “The Online Business Show” focused on helping young internet marketers “get into the game” by teaching his tried and true techniques for finding the gold.

About the Ebook

As is the case with all of Jim’s ebooks, this ebook is well written and grabs the readers attention right away. The ebook seemed to have somewhat of a chatty feel to it as apposed to a text book style of writing. This approach doesn’t typically go over well with me but Jim did it in a way that really kept you turning the page.

How to Write and Publish your Ebook in 7 Days comes in at a whopping 277 pages. I found the information and supplied links very helpful in respect to picking a niche market, analyzing, writing, and even marketing your new eBook. The only thing I didn’t care for were all the featured author interviews. Don’t get me wrong they were interesting but I think he put a few too many in there for my taste.


A definite must read, you just can’t go wrong with anything written by Jim Edwards. Click here to find out more about “How to Write and Publish your Ebook in 7 Days”Find Out more about this product…

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This guide has helped hundreds of people, just like you, that don’t know the difference between a Header and a hole in the ground generate their own unique PDF ebooks from an Ebook Template quickly.

Downloading your own copy of How To Do Everything With Your Ebook Templates is like having a template designer standing right next to you as you work with any ebook template you purchase.

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Free Ecover Action Script

One of the best things you can do to set your eBook apart from everybody elses (besides a great template!) is to have an ecover graphic for your new eBook. If you’ve looked into this before I’m sure you’ve seen that the scripts to do this yourself are very expensive. The best designers are charging hundreds of dollars to set one of these up for you too. So what can you do? What if I told you there’s a free script out there that, along with photoshop, can create these ecover graphics for you!

What if you could turn this:

ebookcreator08into this:

ebookcreator13With just a single mouse click, pretty awesome huh? Give it a try and see what you can do with it! Hope this helps get you going in the right direction!

Here’s the link to the script

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