What are eBook Templates

otto_needs_youWhat Are Ebook Templates And What Can They Do For Me?

Ebook Templates are just what they sound like, templates designed to work with either the Open Office Writer or Microsoft Word programs. They are used to create documents such as PDF ebooks, membership directories, or any other document you can think of and give them loads of style.

You’ll notice that most of the templates we have are for Open Office Writer, and there’s a reason for that. Let me ask you this, What could be easier at the end of your eBook journey than hitting a “create PDF” button and voila! you’re done? No headaches. No more pulling your hair out trying to make it look ‘just so’! You get that with Open Office…and did I mention this program is FREE It’s an open source program with a global following that can’t be beat.

Does that sound easy enough?

How Do Ebook Templates Work? What Do They Do?

Ebook Templates allow you to create PDF formatted ebooks or other documents that have a very professional look to them, without having to spend hours creating your own graphics.

Here’s the gist of it… open up one of our specially designed .ODT files with the Open Office Writer program and add your text and pictures. You can still edit the fonts, colors, spacing – basically anything you already know how to do. The difference is you’ll already be starting with a stylish professional looking document that will require very few changes!

If you can use a text editor, then you can use our Ebook Templates and Open Office Writer. It is so easy, you’re first thought will be “Wow, I’m done?!” (Your second thought will be “Dang! Why didn’t I find this sooner?”)

How Are Ebook Templates Beneficial To My Business?

Graphic Designers are extremely expensive and can take weeks to finish a design for you. You’re out time and money! If you could bypass that whole ordeal, wouldn’t you?

With your purchase of an Ebook Template, paying someone to generate custom graphics will be a thing of the past! These templates have plenty of color options and designs and most templates include the Photoshop PSD files so you can come up with something completely different with minimal effort if you want to experiment! You can use these amazing templates over and over again or customize whenever and however you need to.

Time is money and with an incredible Ebook Template you’ll have more of both.

What Makes These Ebook Templates Different Than Other Templates I’ve Seen?

That is an excellent question! Rather than boring you with the how’s and why’s let’s cut to the chase and get to the eye candy!

Take a peek… Remember this is just one sample of the many stunning templates that are available in the store. . . .

Here’s an unformatted document that could have been made in MS Word or OpenOffice:


If your writing a technical manual about cash register maintenance or something equally sleep inducing, then this is probably going to work for you.

On the other hand if your piece of literary genius has life and personality, then don’t you want the packaging to reflect that pizzazz?

Feast your eyes on this :


Are you starting to see the benefits of having one of these awesome Ebook Templates yet? Still not convinced? Then lets see some more:

p11 p22

WHOA! Are those Table of Contents fully linked? And the chapter pages are included too??

Yep! Pretty sweet huh?

And every one of your new Ebook Template designs has this feature!

Impressive right?

Ready to see more?

Follow this link to go to the store.

To Your Success,

Adrienne Rhodes